Winter is ours

Winter is ours
if we can locate
Santa won’t do
he watches
ice hockey

It is ours
if we dare stay
smell cinnamon
sip mulled wine
watch birch burn
hear music play.
Skin glows…

…it definitely
is ours.

16 thoughts on “Winter is ours

  1. I love this. Not just what says about winter, but what it implies about all sorts of harsh situation: we can conquer it (and even delight in it), if you just care to approach it the right way and make it part of our happy place.

    Oh, and the mental picture of Santa watching hockey made giggle. 😀

  2. Khaya, once again you do not disappoint, beautiful poem and I have to agree with Jacqueline the last passage really spoke to me. Though I don’t like the cold one of the things I love most about winter, especially when it snows, is coming in from the blustery cold when it’s toasty warm and cozy.

  3. This is beautiful. I have never experienced winter but I would probably make it mine by staying indoors and sipping wine! Thanks for visiting my page.

  4. Lovely poem! Winter is a nice (and beautiful) season indeed, although I have to say I could do without the -31°C temperatures. Then again, that’s what saunas are for 🙂

  5. but what of those who do the polar bear plunge?
    is winter theirs ?


    this piece was most evocative.
    it made me feel the chill and the warmth.

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