Where It Begins

I thought of war and peace
not the one of Tolstoy but
self-limiting beliefs; shying
away from light, when already
a black dot swimming in a white sea.
To what lengths one would go;
shrink to fit a pre-designed frame?
I thought of war―
I thought of peace.

note: A response to Midweek Motif, “War and Peace” at Poets United.


  1. Wow, this is such a thought provoking poem, Khaya. I love how well you describe the collective…”what lengths one would go; shrink to fit a pre-designed frame?” Maybe there are many brave ones arising and breaking that mold…..be it quietly and peacefully!

  2. Luv the micro view germination into a macro something. Hopefully something creative enough to benefit goodness and reap the wisdom of peace and understanding. Thanks for this crunch Khaya

    Much love…

  3. Whew! Your poem made me think of Frost’s “Fire and Ice”–inverted and turned to a world beginning rather than ending. The sea will not remain white, and expansion will crash through or generate new frames. With prayer and activism and kind-ness, the scale will tilt toward peace. So may it be. I’m so blown away by your poem, I am sharing it!

  4. Tolstoy was the first thing that came to mind with this prompt:) Your poem is far more creative. I like your image of fitting into a pre – designed frame.We are supposed to do that you know. If we don’t they make us pay.

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