The Sleeping Sun

The sleeping sun
left recommendations
to cling on, until it awakes
after many hours of sleep.

The sleeping sun
left the moon in charge
but it has failed
to show up for duty.

The sleeping sun
left Aurora Borealis
to keep us occupied
because she’s so dependable.

The sleeping sun left snow
to shine in our dreams.

9 thoughts on “The Sleeping Sun

  1. I’m quite enchanted by the way you’ve personified the sun and moon. I particularly love the idea of the sun not showing up for work. Because, well… he has a knack for that, doesn’t he? 😉

  2. Lovely :)…”the sleeping sun” gifted you with warmth and put you in the bosom of mother nature…so you could tell us…your other human friends what we have been missing. Hopefully we will be up to task…when it gives us something to do. Or maybe it already has?…to take care of the earth…for our sake we need to get that right.
    Otherwise we will not be worthy of another task…the sun will consider that is worth rising for ☆ Keep writing and thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Dear Kaylaa! Love your interpretation of the poem, and you made me smile with “…put you in the bosom of mother nature”. With the persistent darkness (we might not have snow for Christmas) I feel like staying right there in the bosom and wait for the sun to return. But you’re right, taking care of the earth is everyone’s responsibility. Thank you so much for reading and encouragement. I value your feedback:)

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