The Loon Calls

The call of a loon signals summer in this part of the world. These birds can be found among tranquil lakes, and they make for a fascinating view. But it’s their calls, hauntingly beautiful, that captivate me.

Black-throated loon is much easier to spot around nearby lakes but not the red-throated one. It was the latter that introduced me into their mysterious ways, and I now spend most summers searching (hiking) in order to relive that first experience. You could say it is my muse.

The Black-throated

And so when the loon calls, I pause and listen before reaching for my backpack and disappear into the woods. Simply put it’s time for me to take a break and live a little.

But, I’ll live you with this poem excerpt:

The loon calls―
I must heed its cries
For what faith I boast of
If I cannot pit mind and body
Against each other, and run to thyself.

Thank you always for reading and your support. I’ll be back in September. Happy Summer! And wrap up if you’re in the South!

14 thoughts on “The Loon Calls

  1. Going into wild nature without any literary footnotes is a big challenge, at least to me. I am a desperate urbanite, even at our cottage I survive reading my grandparents’ left bookcase, and studying old photographs. I admire your ability to live in the nature with all senses. It also shows in your writing.

    1. Ha…ha! Desperate urbanite, I understand as straggle both worlds. But yes, when I go into the wild I’m always with my notebook to pick up whispers from nature. Thank you for reading, Anu. πŸ™‚

  2. Khaya, I got shivers listening to those calls – thank you so much for including the video; it was so helpful to listen to the talk and explanation of these haunting birdsong. Not something I will forget! I love the poem it’s inspired! Wishing you a lovely summer too – I’m off to Sweden next week and mostly away from blogging too. Warmest wishes.

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