10 thoughts on “The Glow

  1. Very personally poignant and striking! I know better than to ask the poet probing questions about the meaning of their creations; after all, I am one myself. šŸ˜‰ However, this micro-poem speaks to me of the weight of raw, almost primordial emotion ~ more than simply personal, but including the feeling-depth of humanity ~ as well as the determination to move on toward some light, however mysterious, that conveys hope. Thank you for sharing this creative work! All the best to you w/blessings!

    1. A spontaneous flow of strong emotions giving rise to emotional truth more than biographical, do sometimes take the writer by surprise:-). The glow indeed, has been around forever ā€• more like an internal organ whose function has been forgotten ā€• and by thinking less and feeling more, the ā€œIā€ becomes aware of the glow from within.
      Thank you so much Noblethemes, your perception is always stimulating. You inspire me!

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