The Game Wind Plays

Wind blows
Birch moans
Cannot grow any taller

Wind howls
Gnat roams
Optimistic for a change

Wind whispers
Berry prospers
Eager to usher in autumn

20 thoughts on “The Game Wind Plays

  1. When the cicadas begin singing their song (sounds more like screeching to me, lol) I know that summer is coming to an end. This year they seem louder than years past but maybe I’m just more aware. I yearn for the scents of autumn.

  2. I am also listening to the games that the wind is playing, spring is almost here for me but harsh winds still whisper strange things. Thanks for this one Khaya, love it

  3. I agree with Soul Gifts. The whispering wind is your strongest stanza though the second stanza leads us to the autumn as well. I will admit that upon my first read, I thought the wind was crippled, determined, and sensible, and that didn’t make too much sense to me. After a few more reads, I realized that those words describe the birch, the gnat, and the berry. Then, I connected with it much more and feel the expectation of the coming season.

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