The Enchantress

endowed with nine tails, she shapes
her world. shape-shifting powers
ignite fires in arms of suitors
a dream manifests

past and future
illusion of the grandeur
here and now
moment for the enchantress

witty and foxy she plays not
in the sun but courts the night
and forever young
she will be.

Prompt, “Write a poem inspired by Japanese myth and lore” for Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month Challenge.


  1. Japanese legends and myths – totally new to me! I love the last 2 lines : forever young she will be. I honestly thought at first you were writing about a cat! Excuse my ignorance…

  2. “…witty and foxy” forevermore! Love how yummy this is. The idea of a fox skulking around at night, sharing her wit and beauty with the moon, learning from every season.


  3. Oh yes, kitsune are one of the most famous of the legendary creatures from Japan (though this sort of fox spirit has left legends in several other Asian countries, including Korea and China). You’ve caught their mysterious and seductive side quite well!

    1. Fascinating stuff, isn’t it! Thank you to your birthday, now I’ve learned something new, Japanese mythology and legends. Must say Kitsune sounds charming with her seductive powers. 🙂

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