Autumnal Mood

“There is a harmony in autumn, and a lustre in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!” ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

There’s deep serene perched on clear blue skies of an autumn day. The kind of calm with an aura of authority, even the hurried and flustered lower the pace. Lake clasps the moment and welcomes the sun to shine. Peace and solitude occupy space, not only by the lakeside but in every breath taken and released.

Earthy and fresh, nature puts on a spectacular display. Red and gold leaves; a majestic fall. How can a warbler ask for a poem, when it already knows the song in my heart? How can it ask, for every autumn leaf falling is poetry!

A smile glows; a heart filled with gratitude for Autumn and I have a mutual understanding. Ours was an obscure relationship at first, for Summer led me believe I was her baby. Because down south, October is one of those simmering months spring overlapping with summer.

But, October loved me before I was born. Now Autumn, generous, opens her arms and calls a name. It is to this silence and peace, I respond.

In harmony with Nature

process note: As I celebrate another birthday, I take a closer look at how nature continues to inspire and help me put things into perspective. And I can’t help but be grateful.

The Ocean Stirs

Cows chew cud
Rondavels flourish
This a paradise;
The ocean stirs
And sardines run.

Posted for Midweek Motif at Poets United.

October in Stilettos

You find me
under the spell of spring
blooming jacarandas excite the sunbird

In a trance;
a pose in stilettos ready for a dance
you find me

Where colour
of sky stays blue and grapes mellow
all year round

A promise
of summer evenings; air heavy with jasmine
you find me

Process Note: October is my birth month, which means I celebrate it in both autumn and spring depending on where the day finds me. Though autumn crunchy and cozy with candle lights, and sizzling romance in the North, I chose to relive memories of a romance in spring.

If you are a lover of Autumn (or even if, like me you have a love-hate relationship with autumn) please visit Prompt Nights, “Crunching, Crinkling Autumn swirling in the Breeze” images and words by poets praising the season, will tantalise and pleasure all your senses.

A side note: In celebration of my birthday, I’m treating myself to a number of books by authors I’ve been meaning to read for some time: a collection of South African short stories, a fantasy novel, and of course, always poetry. And now the question is, what other ways do you use to support or help promote a friend/fellow writer’s book, besides a review? I ask this because we tend to be biased when reviewing a book by a writer we know.