Mushrooming in the Fall

Glimmery valley
After a rainfall
Forest floor opulent;
Fairies sprinkle magic
Entice lovers to dance
In nature’s abundant love.

Spring is Come

I grab the month by its tail, working my way backwards to fulfill a promise. Springtime fails to cheer the mundane and yet feigns innocence as a minstrel continues to sleep. But a promise is a promise, and here am I.

Spring arrives songless―
wake up and dance old sluggard
elusive genius

The Swan

Note: Hello fellow writers and dear readers! It’s good to be back…I’ve missed blogging. Now, I have lots of catching up to do. Wishing you a happy spring full of sweet days and inspiration!

Summer without Butterflies

Crane calls from a distance
As leaves start to fall.
‘Tis not autumn yet
Only butterflies,
Flitted past.