September Days

Evening breeze
Turns into cold;
Light up the fire
Bring in the wine
Let’s stay inside
Play flirtatious
Games, entice
Summer to fall.

Mushrooming in the Fall

Glimmery valley
After a rainfall
Forest floor opulent;
Fairies sprinkle magic
Entice lovers to dance
In nature’s abundant love.

Journeys I’ve Travelled

I’ve been to the north
I’ve been to the south

Journeys —
left me floating in between
(where both worlds depart)
and with no claim to either.

Suburbia no longer white
we sip tea and spend hours
discussing weather, whilst
the sun shines in black rural.
In song and dance we quench
— thirst vanquished.

I’ve been to the city
I’ve been to the country

Allow me the misguided view
with diluted memories, for
I build a world with these
smatterings of my life.

note: I’m back! I look forward to catching up with you soon. Oh, in case you’re wondering where I had disappeared to, I did mention my break from blogging here. In any case, autumn is upon us. I just love the rhythm of nature that slows us down from the hurried summer season, which also means I can be more productive with my writing.

The poem was inspired by the Midweek Motif ‘Memories’ at Poets United.