Snow has fallen…

Happy Holidays!

As we wind down the year, I want to take a moment and thank all readers and followers of my blog for taking time to read my writings, and for your kind and encouraging comments. And you my fellow writers for the inspiration and support…THANK YOU!

I wish everyone love, peace and joy.

With love from Finland! ♥♥♥

note: I’m taking a short break from blogging. See you in 2018!

p.s. I’m also linking to Midweek Motif at Poetry United, where Sumana asks us to write about “Celebration”. I’ve already covered some of the things I’m celebrating this month on my previous post but to add, a snowfall is always something to celebrate as we look forward to White Christmas.

Ravishing Rose

She struts draped in crimson velvet;
fragrance she wears imbued with
a sense of awe entices with promises.
Symphonic femininity, though prickly
by nature, turns heads; envy obvious
as suitors and bards compete in verse
for she takes only one lover at a time.
Ravishing Rose herself, declares love.

note: Rose is out of town at present as she can’t stand the cold and dark autumn. And the piece is in response to Midweek Motif, “The Flower – Rose” at Poets United.

The Beautiful Noise

Unmistakable gabble;
Days filled with calls
Gregarious and subdued.
Once again flocks gather
Pastures anew on flyway
Winter won’t win!
Chortles a finch, for only
The mallard flies North.