In Waiting

Fields rest; work is done
Boats by the river recline
Grateful for birch’s power.

Bullfinch starts a song
Mournful and waiting.

Lady has been weeping
Will she show her face?

Andromeda; a princess
Whose beauty split galaxy
Into trillion stars occupies space.

Is the canvas big enough
To paint both wonders?

On a chilly night
Under clear skies
We wait.

process note: I’m on an autumn break. The quietude of days and nights in the country allows me to listen. The piece is in response to Midweek Motif, “Dark Moon/New Moon” at Poets United.


Of autumn and love—
Can there be more gifts
Than reflection and affection?
October extravagant
Boasts and delights;
Explosion of colour, nature
Reminds us to breathe.

October Days

note: The poem was inspired by the Midweek Motif, “Autumn” at Poets United.

September Days

Evening breeze
Turns into cold;
Light up the fire
Bring in the wine
Let’s stay inside
Play flirtatious
Games, entice
Summer to fall.