Spring Newsletter

i wish i were a child
running barefoot
across open fields


majestic forests
sift chaff and fluff

rivers gallop
cleansing gossip

leaves whisper;
Lourie on broadcast

…in a dreamy world

oblivious to coltsfoot
posing as a dandelion

i wish i were a child
everything new, yet
nothing is news

Note: Lourie refers to one of the birds, the Knysna Lourie, found almost exclusively in South Africa. The poem is a response to the prompt ‘News Media‘ at Poets United.

47 thoughts on “Spring Newsletter

  1. Beautiful piece Khaya! Makes me long for childhood. Love the last line. I’m having the same issue as Kathy because it seems like your site isn’t completely loading and I can’t “like” the post.

    1. Lovely to hear from you dear Steph. I appreciate you reading, thank you so much!
      I moved my blog to a new hosting site, and I have been having issues with Jetpack ever since. I’ve been fixing, and I really hope that everything works fine now. But thanks for pointing that out.

      1. You’re welcome. Have you always self hosted? The reason I ask is I still have mine on WordPress.com because it wasn’t until I moved it over to Siteground that I found out the premium layout I was using wasn’t available on WordPress.org so I had to move everything back. I’ve since changed my layout and will once again move it back to site ground but I want to have all the current bells and whistles. It just may be way over my head but I have to do it in order to make some cool adjustments to the layout.

  2. Lovely whimsical post, Khaya…dreamy world of children captured beautifully and the last paragraphs is perfect.

    ‘i wish i were a child
    everything new, yet
    nothing is news’

    PS. Like Kathy the like button on your blog just doesn’t work for me either…just to say I LIKE this post and your blog very much!

    1. Thank you, thank you so much Annika. And I really am sorry about the ‘Like’ button problem, I hope I’ve successfully fixed it (and some other issues I’ve been having on my blog) this time. Hope it now work all right now.

  3. I’m having an awful time following your site, liking your posts! Ugh! lol So, I’m leaving this comment: this is a beautiful piece that evokes so many positive feelings.

    1. Oh dear! I apologise profusely for my site acting out. It’s been brought to my attention by some of my blogger friends earlier, and I’ve been struggling to rectify these issues with JetPack. So, I really appreciate you took time to read and comment. Much love…

  4. This is soo beautifully poignant, Khaya ❀️ sigh.. I too long to go back to good old childhood days πŸ™‚

  5. Khayaron, love these two stanzas: “rivers gallop/cleansing gossip”, and “oblivious to colts-foot/posing as a dandelion”. As they bring a smile, when I read them. Right now, smiles are very important, in a world, filled with sadness and anger.

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