Songs of Summer

O cheery finch, you’re a crier
Lively claims of summer
Amongst forests and lakes
Where silence is fun

Sing, sing you jolly bird
For nightingale awaits dark
In a Land of Midnight Sun

Trill, trill you crooner
Flirtatious youth infectious
Glory of nightless nights!

Extol beauty of days
And midsummer night
With raptures of a song

Come, melody sweet
As lips frozen in time
Blossom into a smile.

Poem inspired: β€œSummer sets upon earth’s bosom bare” at Prompt Nights.

26 thoughts on “Songs of Summer

  1. ” Amongst forests and lakes
    Where silence is fun”.

    I could get lost in those two lines. It implies so many wonderful things. And living in a city where silence is something that happens to other people, a place of pleasant silence is such a desirable dream.

    Love the tone of this poem.

        1. I can relate, Ruth. Moving countries/continents is a big shift, even if for better quality of life. I hope at least, sequel on Jedland is keeping you motivated. Good to have you back:-)

  2. This made me think of being a Brownie guide when i was little and singing ‘kookaburra sits in the old gum tree’ – we had no clue what the words meant but the singing was joyful – as all songs should be

    1. Ah, sweet an age of Brownie guides! There is something about a birdsong that recalls lovely childhood memories. Summers filled with laughter of children sitting under a gum tree. Now, I’ve become nostalgic. πŸ™‚

  3. Whistles!! Such a passion filled poem this is Khaya πŸ˜€ Sigh.. you make me want to break into song and dance ❀❀ Love all the characteristics of Summer in your verse especially “Extol beauty of days and midsummer night, with raptures of a song.” Beautifully penned.

    Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights πŸ˜€ and for your constant love and support ❀❀

    Lots of love,

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