Sensitive and misunderstood affliction of the soul
manifests in bewildering ways:
excessive unhappiness
wounded confidence
ego under stress

Tried and tested:
a dose of tears as often as required
some swear egomania offers temporary relief
and awareness soothes the compassionate soul

But F.I.N.E symptoms soon emerge
(Freaky, Irritable, Neurotic & Emotional)

Patient confined with imaginary friends talks about
words, together they coin a new term – talksanity.

Proud of achievements, talks about ME
all the time. An irritating itch
on susceptible wounds

Urgent medical breakthrough needed
as somebodyism continues to infect
inhabitants of the vale.

Note: I have to admit, I found this prompt difficult. I hope I did it justice.

In response to: “Write a poem that illustrates the symptoms of a quirky made up illness” Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month Challenge.


  1. What a perfect response to Magaly’s prompt. I think the disease is far more widespread than we would think. Its entirely possible I’m an intermittent sufferer. Great stuff.

  2. Bwahahahaha… “Sombodyism” is rife amongst the online community, yet we still fear a “Zombie outbteak” D XXX

  3. I think you did it justice and then some! I feel a bit better to hear that you, too, found it a bit challenging. When I wrote the announcement, I thought this would be one of the easiest poems to write. It wasn’t. I found myself starting at the screen for quite a while.

    This is great, Khaya. I love that as the good researcher and analyst you are, you offered a diagnosis, treatment, and suggested further studies. Even more, I really like that although Somebodyism might be made up, some of the behaviors listed in your poem are very real.

    Great piece. ♥

    1. Phew! breathing a sigh of relief that my attempt made sense:). I’m enjoying the challenge, it allows for cleaning those dark corners decorated with spider webs. Call it spring cleaning.♥

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