Songs of Summer

O cheery finch, you’re a crier
Lively claims of summer
Amongst forests and lakes
Where silence is fun

Sing, sing you jolly bird
For nightingale awaits dark
In a Land of Midnight Sun

Trill, trill you crooner
Flirtatious youth infectious
Glory of nightless nights!

Extol beauty of days
And midsummer night
With raptures of a song

Come, melody sweet
As lips frozen in time
Blossom into a smile.

Poem inspired: “Summer sets upon earth’s bosom bare” at Prompt Nights.

On Seeking Solitude

O Solitude! If I must with thee dwell, Let it not be among the jumbled heap of murky buildings ~ John Keats

I will admit, for me, writing poetry is difficult. It is such an emotional form of writing; it contains, conveys and escapes emotion all at the same time.

This means I do not wake up early in the mornings, sit at my desk, rub palms of my hands together with glee, and think now I’m going to write a poem. It doesn’t happen, it never happens, and how great it would be to achieve this one day! Because great writers or accomplished artists do not wait for inspiration, right?

Well, I do not wait for inspiration but I’m no great writer. I rely on empathy. In order for me to capture a moment, emotion or whatever else makes a poem, I have to feel deeply. And there’s a lot (beautiful and ugly) to feel in the world we live in. It is this build-up of emotion that eventually leads me to write with urgency. The reward; a release, whether significant or subtle, makes it all worth it.

I’m sure you reckon: this feeling, this empathy, the emotion and the release, delights and liberates yet exhausts. And so, when it all becomes too much, I seek solitude. Not so much to shut down the noise but to listen to my inner voice.

Note: Thank you all who read me (whilst I took time out to breathe) for your understanding, support and kind comments. Much appreciated.

Sanaa Rizvi at Prompt Nights expresses this thought successfully “Rest is the sweet sauce of labour”.


There is more to life than increasing its speed. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

A Breathing Space

Note: My fellow bloggers, readers and friends, I won’t be able to catch up on your vibrant, informative and inspiring posts for a few days. I need to pause, even if for a short while, in order to hear myself breathe.