not even a mosquito

can corrupt.



Note: I’m out in the wild, please forgive me if I take time to respond or visit your blogs.

In Bard’s Company

a heart listens, verse resonates as spirit sings gentle songs in the morn;
impossible to separate words from wordsmith

guardian implores, passionate about words left behind;
mind pretends to perceive and recognize but it’s
impossible to separate poet from lover

fire ignites and sets goose bumps rampant
a manifestation in poet’s eye―
spirited and mounted
on walls

whisper from shout
verse from song
suspense from climax

joy trickles

Process Note: Sanaa at Prompt Nights reckons that Passion makes the world go round, and I couldn’t agree more. I could have written about any of my life’s passions but whilst away on a short break, I visited a poet’s home; a surreal and grounding experience.

I was mightily impressed and touched by passion of the ‘guardian’, that is, a museum guide. Not only did she show us around but she read one of Koidula’s poems. It’s not the words (because even though Estonian and Finnish languages are cousins, there are significant differences) but her passion for poetry that transpired as she read, resulting in a spontaneous overflow of emotions.

You know how we go about on Instagram, for example, with the tag ‘poetryisnotdead’? The tag never resonated like it did at that moment. Koidula long gone, her words live and continue to inspire lovers of poetry.