On Independence

This year marks the centenary of Finland’s independence. So, in keeping with the celebratory mood, I’ve compiled a list of top 10 things I love about my second home.

And so here they are, in no particular order:

  • Silence is fun
  • Education is a right, not a privilege
  • Sauna
  • Safe and peaceful
  • Finnish cuisine; a gift from nature
  • Friendships are genuine
  • Finns live outdoors, there’s no such thing as bad weather here
  • Gender equality
  • Winter is a fairy tale
  • Nature; a poem


    This list doesn’t even begin to express how I love my life here. But, but…I’ve been putting together more thoughts, observations and gratitude in a language I know how – poetry.

    A chapbook containing 10 pieces will hopefully be available (in limited edition) early next year. I wanted it to coincide with the celebrations but I unfortunately missed the deadline.

    I hear you ask, “How can you miss a deadline? What kind of a writer are you?” Well, because I receive a “bribe” every month so that I can forget my dream of becoming a full-time writer. 🙂

    Last but not least, Happy Independence Day to my Finnish family and friends!

  • 14 thoughts on “On Independence

      1. Thanks Maga, I hope readers too will find the topic fantastic.😘

        As for missing deadlines, I’m in constant struggle to meet my writing goals. I’ve got four writing projects going right now. I had to tell the muse thank you for the inspiration, but I’m not starting any more stories until I’m finished with editing and publishing what I’m working on already.😀

    1. Khaya, ten wonderful reasons and I have the feeling you could have continued with many more!!😀😃 Ahh…Winter is a fairy tale – magical and I’m trying not to be envious! I like how described silence as fun – I find it so but many would not. How exciting about your chapbook (first I had to look up the term!) – good luck with this project and please, what was the ‘bribe’? I like this concept! Happy Weekend and enjoy your wonderful country! ❤️

      1. You’re so correct Annika, at first I thought of writing a list of 100 things I love but in the end decided on 10. I’m glad you could relate with silence as being fun; I know some people uncomfortable with, and would rather fill the quiet moments with small talk.

        As for the bribe, I once read somewhere that “Salary is the bribe they pay you to forget your dreams.” 😀 I found that very true in my case. I rather be writing full time but I also need that day job at this point to support my art.

        Thank you Annika for reading and well wishes.💙

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