The New Year

Year’s start―
unlike the last
with no pledge

Salutes those
to learn & grow

The New Year
the thankful

For they have
how to live.

As we start the year, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the readers and followers of my ‘young’ blog, as well as top referring sites/blogs and top most active commenters for your generous support. The site stats also indicate that top most visitors came from The United States, Finland and Brazil respectively. I thank you all, and wish you well in your New Year’s endeavours.

10 thoughts on “The New Year

  1. I’m all there with the thought of “no pledge”. I think that by living and doing, we are already pledging all kinds of yumminess.

    May your year be filled of wonderful things. I’m glad we ran into each other on Instagram, for I enjoy your words and images very much.

    Happiest New Year, dear Khaya! ♥

    1. You got it! We’re already pledging.

      Many thanks dear Magaly for the wishes. Your ‘witchy’ poetry and stories took me under a spell and now I’m not afraid of the dark:-)

      I’m glad too we met, and sincerely grateful for your support.

    1. Yay! Good to see your site up and running again, I’ll be catching up on the latest:-). I’m glad too for the opportunity to connect and grateful for your engaging and inspiring support. All best.

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