Magic in the Rain

Oh, wisdom of a trekker!

Preoccupation with sculptures above

For nothing can contend generosity of rain.

10 thoughts on “Magic in the Rain

  1. Life is made of many objective wisdoms. We miss a few, when we focus on what affects only us… But when we have friends that go beyond the final frontier, we are lucky enough to the sculptures and the rain, methinks.

  2. This is a very timely poem. While all life on land ultimately depends on rain all of the time, I understand that many areas are dealing with severe droughts at this time. I hope the animals and people living in those places can pull through, and that those of us in wetter climates will understand that those issues affect us too.

    1. Edit to the above comment: I had meant to put the word people before animals, but apparently made a mistake. I do not want to make it seem like the suffering of the people dealing with droughts is less important than the suffering of animals. In fact if pressed to choose I’d say the reverse is true.

      1. No worries, Josh. It didn’t translate like that at all to me. ? What you intended to convey is clear. We can only hope for the best for both people and animals in these difficult circumstances. Thanks once again.??

    2. Thank you, Josh for reading. You make a good point, while we’re preoccupied with weather forecast so that we don’t get wet, there places in need of this very rain we take for granted. I hope for immediate relief too for those affected.?

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