Love in the Dungeons

Born of dragons, breathes
fire to transform a stunted
dwarf; a thing of beauty

Faithful servant adrift
falls hard into the arms
strong as a mountain

Dwarf seeking glory
leads scaly prince
down the Dungeons

Where race card matters
not. Master awaits to
officiate the union.

Note: Dragonborn and Dwarf are characters from a fantasy roleplaying game, I amuse myself with in my spare time.

Poem in response to prompt, β€œLegendary Beings in Love” for Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month Challenge.


  1. “a thing of beauty”, indeed! Love the effect of that line, Khaya. And the idea of a Dragon and a Dwarf in love make for a night of D&D to remember. I hope to get a glimpse of their wedding! πŸ˜€

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