Layers of Darkness

I peel and peel off
layers of darkness
to find light

But dark instructs
taking off the armour
to find myself

8 thoughts on “Layers of Darkness

  1. I wonder what the speaker will do with the “layers of darkness” once removed… Will she picked them up and rebuilt her “armor”? Will she let them go? And if she does, lets them go, will she still be hold?

    Love how this poem plants so many thoughts…

    Hope your Holiday Season is happy one, dear Khaya! ☼ 🙂 ☼

    1. Ah dear Magaly! Thank you for penetrating the layers and bringing up questions that would have stayed hidden deep down, otherwise. You have just inspired another poem. Spoilt for choice as the new year makes its way, perhaps I shall dance under the full moon for discernment. All the best my dear during this holiday season:-)

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