In Waiting

Fields rest; work is done
Boats by the river recline
Grateful for birch’s power.

Bullfinch starts a song
Mournful and waiting.

Lady has been weeping
Will she show her face?

Andromeda; a princess
Whose beauty split galaxy
Into trillion stars occupies space.

Is the canvas big enough
To paint both wonders?

On a chilly night
Under clear skies
We wait.

process note: I’m on an autumn break. The quietude of days and nights in the country allows me to listen. The piece is in response to Midweek Motif, “Dark Moon/New Moon” at Poets United.

45 thoughts on “In Waiting

  1. Is the canvas big enough
    To paint both wonders?

    A painting will always occupy more than the canvas allows. Thinking about its composition and perspectives will cause enough worry!


  2. Khaya, beautiful poem with the calm serenity of Autumn and the awesome universe above us. I can identify with the lakes as in Sweden the boats ‘recline’ – perfect poetic description. Standing and waiting under the stars is perhaps what is needed at times…

    1. Thank you, Annika! This awesome universe tends to reveal itself, when we take time to be still and listen. And the country lifestyle supports this, pity we have to court the city in order to make a living. 🙂

  3. I appreciate your kind comment, Khutsie. Thank you for reading! About living next to a river or lake, it’s yes to both. Finland is commonly referred to as “a land of thousand lakes [and forests.]” Literally, almost everybody lives next to water or forest (even in cities). This also means one can roam around in nature, at will; a real blessing for nature lovers.

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