How Will My Pen Give Thanks?

On edges and extremes, singular distress.
A blank page or a capture by a character
with issues, I fumble towards a dark and
stinky mess. What madness! Deprived of
sleep, of nourishment and other things I
care not to talk about. I visit a doctor and
declare I’m zonked out. He tells me to take
sleep; a prescription that fixes problems.
I go home ready to take sleep, and muse
says no: “You call yourself a writer, write!”
Legs cramping and fingers unfeeling, I sit
and I write. As dawn approaches, a voice
screams: “I need sleep!” and the computer
says no. Side effects? I haven’t even started.
This is, the dark side of creativity. And the
luminary still asks, what do I do for a living?

Note: I’m never bored because I laugh at myself, and people think I’m sane.















Poem in response to, “The Poesy of Side Effects” for Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month Challenge.


  1. Wow! Very good, and I can certainly relate. Our muses can often be so cruel, and sometimes creativity wells-up inside of us like a volcano ready to explode … but we wait and wait and wait for that explosion followed by relief! You have captured the writer’s experience perfectly, Khaya! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you can relate, writing is both a wrenching and rewarding process. I try to cheer myself up in those dark moments, sitting at the desk when the world blissfully sleeps. Sometimes I have no inclination to write but sleep, and insomnia is the name of the game. It’s crazy but we can only laugh about it and accept as part of a writer’s life:D

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