Frozen Scream

on rosy cheeks
ignite winning smile
yet scream hangs; a lump in the throat.
Prettiness and innocence interrupted as the
sweet sixteen rebels and conforms
merging cultures; a
pleasure and

note: This is my Fibonacci poem attempt with a syllable count per line 1/1/2/3/5/8/13, and then back down. Phew…such counting fun!


  1. Powerful poem, Khaya … touching on so many topics in just a few words. The conflict of the pressure, the pleasure… I like the form of this and as with writing limericks the counting is critical!

  2. The point is teens see the world differently from the rest of us (I know I was one myself!) Teens are eager to embrace adulthood but are disappointed with those that have got there already who seem so dull.

  3. Great job on the Fib…you do this form well. LOL, I am too lazy or too oriented in Japanese forms to do these complicated poetry forms…You portrayed the 16 year old so very well.

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