Clonk, clonk
Darkness gentle
Morning breeze brutal
Another working day
Swallows flee

for Poets United

A Morning in Late Autumn

note: Ah, what can I say of late autumn in Finland! I’ve spoken about it before here and here. But the poem above is in response to Sumana’s prompt, Morning Poem, at Poets United.


  1. A beautiful poem, Khaya! At times we want to flee with those swallows, then a glorious winter’s morning will dawn, breaking the darkness … then we stand stunned by nature’s beauty and yet again absorb its magic!

  2. I promised myself years ago that I would never live in a place where blue skies did not feature all year round. Yet I still complain. Thank you for reminding me about those cold brutal breeze dark mornings. Enjoyed your poem.

    1. Hello Josh! Good to see you around. πŸ™‚ I’m doing good, thanks. Finnish winter is most beautiful (with snow), it’s my favourite with all the outdoor activities as well.

      But late autumn, November especially, is the least favourite. There’s no sun, no snow, sometimes rainy and there’s nothing enticing (for me) outdoors; it’s like being in a limbo. But, but…indoors, of course there’s so much to enjoy!

    1. British swallows are said to spend winter in South Africa. I don’t know where Finnish swallows go, but I always wish to join their flutter and follow the sun. Until, of course it starts to snow. πŸ˜€

  3. Ah, the clumsiness of hurried morning duties, indoors, and then to confront climatic chaos, outdoors – so much to take on so early in the day! I loved this and can relate!

    1. Hi Sumana! Thank you for this relevant and timely prompt. Winter is my favourite season here. Yes, temperatures will pair at sub-zero but the beauty that is Finnish winter is a much needed welcome after this late autumn darkness. In addition, a girl from the south can’t stop marvelling at a winter landscape with snow; it’s enchanting. πŸ™‚

    1. Yep, most birds migrate south earlier but some linger around longer. It’s always interesting to watch a flock of swallows flying past as I wait in the freezing and dark morning for the bus on my way to work.

  4. Oh, I remember those mornings. Glad I’m retired. But you describe your morning so perfectly and bring me directly to your moment. Love the picture too.

  5. The gentle darkness and the brutal breeze provide an interesting contrast in this wakefulness β€” it makes me want to go wrap myself in a blanket. Well penned!

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