Ravishing Rose

She struts draped in crimson velvet;
fragrance she wears imbued with
a sense of awe entices with promises.
Symphonic femininity, though prickly
by nature, turns heads; envy obvious
as suitors and bards compete in verse
for she takes only one lover at a time.
Ravishing Rose herself, declares love.

note: Rose is out of town at present as she can’t stand the cold and dark autumn. And the piece is in response to Midweek Motif, “The Flower – Rose” at Poets United.

Family Heirloom

“Why words, when they’re so slippery?”
Whisperings find me standing
At the bridge—
Squinting through light and darkness
To see what’s left to hold as traditions change
My people forgotten or modified.
Fog lifts, and I focus at double suspicion;
Deity with claims to represent balance
Between opposing forces.
Is he a trickster or a faithful?
For I was left with nothing, but words.
An oral tradition; love gentle carried
From generation to generation.
Without a written word
Would evidence perish? I fear.
Thus, with song and dance I join a world
Where the dead, living and unborn coexist
In harmony through continuity of words.

So, I stand at the bridge—
Not as a vessel of stories nor a praise singer
But to honour love; accept the family heirloom.

Artwork by Shelle Kennedy

process note: I might have taken up creative writing late in life, but I come from a tradition of oral storytellers (Xhosa people), where blurred lines between history and myth exist yet feed imagination. I’ve always loved words, whether written, spoken or sung. The joy I experience when I’m creating, writing, is indescribable.

Many thanks to my dear and talented friend, Magaly for hosting this blog party and an opportunity to reflect at why I love what I do. To read more about the blog party or join in, please visit her blog.

The Beautiful Noise

Unmistakable gabble;
Days filled with calls
Gregarious and subdued.
Once again flocks gather
Pastures anew on flyway
Winter won’t win!
Chortles a finch, for only
The mallard flies North.