At the Fish Market

At the fish market

Slippery and cold

Greasy and hot

Fish weep, their fate decided.

15 thoughts on “At the Fish Market

  1. Brought back memories of a little fish market we had in the town where I grew up. Even though it went out of business many years ago I can still recall how the smell of cooking fish would assault the senses making my mouth water. I feel sad for the fish but not enough to stop eating them but I’ve heard it said (never experienced first-hand) that lobsters make a screaming sound when put in boiling water. Now that is something I can’t partake, I just can’t – poor things 🙁

    1. Don’t you just love fish markets – the locals, fresh produce and tantalising flavours! Now lobsters screaming, that’s a thought and a need for observation:-). Thank you Steph for reading…xx

  2. “their fate decided” just got me thinking how we can decide so easily without being aware of doing so, the fate of other creatures. Made me wonder if God is this careless, you saw the weeping, we just experience the taste :).

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