A Feigned Pose

In abundance, it grows
Deep wisdom ancient

Alongside stinging nettle
Gracefully, it stands

I, too feign a pose
Itching injury persistent.

All I should do is breathe
Unfurl towards the light

As curled fronds of a fern
Surrender and let go.

note: In response to Midweek Motif, “Yoga” at Poets United.


  1. A lovely sense of calm and acceptance towards the end and I love the image of unfurling like a fronds of a fern…and yes, that yoga breathing key to all! Beautifully written, Khaya! ?

  2. Yes, yoga is a soothing strategy that leads to heal. Once we ‘surrender’ and practice with ‘the goal’ in mind, ….the inner peace follows. 🙂 Lovely poem, Khaya!

  3. The last two lines are an absolute beauty Khaya. It’s really a beautiful image of meditation. I also believe that ‘surrender’ and ‘let go’ is everything.

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