A Dirge Like Birdsong

There’s pouncing and there’s prancing
in birthday suits I mean, of the lot
taking delight in spring.

Strut and stride egg-laying creatures
boasting youth and growth
only wicked wildlings understand.

It’s a celebration of things born anew.
New life in a new year for a living
full of fun and cheer!

Old bird too old to play complains
of injustice. Young chicks
fend for themselves

Whilst, a predator prepares a feast.
Band of skulls continues to play
music lights up the party.

Delight! Lament not the ills.
It’s the circle of life, and birth gifts
abundant as the year begins.

Orange Lilies – Passion for life

This poem is in response to the prompt, “Write Me A Birthday Dirge” at Magaly Guererro’s Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month Challenge.

Note: ‘Old bird’ refers not to the birthday girl. Don’t go running for botox now!


    1. Yay Steph! I’m so happy you managed to comment, I hope the error is now permanently fixed. Thank you so much for taking time to read, and I’m glad you enjoyed this poem. BTW, old birds have admirable qualities. Think of the fierce and wise old owl:)

    1. Captivate! A word that makes me happy. Of prancing, have you ever saw grouse birds dance? I’ve tried every spring without success to capture the act. It’s fascinating. Thank you for reading Raili:)

  1. I just adore what you’ve done with imagery and sound. And the contrast between the happiness of youth and the grumpiness of growing old dances so well within your poem. Those old birds should know better… but I suspect that the young will put a shine in their shrinking ancient hearts! ♥

    1. Ah, a happy dance! I’m glad you managed to pair happiness and youth, and the grumpiness of the old bird:). I must say this dirge was a challenge (yeah don’t remind me), it gave me lots of work trying to tie the celebration and mourning. Birthday girl demands!

  2. You carried the imagery quite well throughout the whole poem and did a great job with the blending of celebration and mourning themes. Quite clever!

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