Embracing Shadows

“…in the midst of darkness, light persists.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

darkness and light

Shadows come as close as we allow them to. And they might even dance to the rhythm of our thoughts, given a chance.

Pain, grief and loss are inevitable. Finding strength to deal with the sea of emotions, and to combat madness, is an ongoing exercise. But, there is always light as much as there is darkness.

Note: A thought inspired by Sanaa Rizvi at Prompt Nights, “When shades of loss weave with pattern of madness.

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Identity Questioned

who i am is not determined
by a place on a map, but
a history documented
to create my own story

Which country do I come from?

Which country do I come from?

Note: The poem was inspired by Sanaa Rizvi at Prompt Nights, “That which we seek; deep within will find – IDENTITY”

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In The Same Boat

Everything is muted
Only echoes here and there:
“We are in the same boat.”

Boat full of minorities
And heavy with hope
It might just tip over.

Things remain muted
Only whispers; your name
In unfinished sentences.

In the same boat
Each striving to blend

Yet afraid of dissolution
And disappearance;
We journey to ourselves.

Note: Sanaa Rizvi at Prompt Nights challenges us to pen down our deepest feelings regarding the significance of travel – “To travel is to take a journey into Yourself”.

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About a Smile

That thing you do
When our eyes meet
Lips curve and expose
Pearls as a twinkle
Lights up your eyes

How lucky I am
To witness kindness
First in the morn
As I open my eyes
And last at night
Before I close them.

A bee will come where smiles blossom.

A bee will come, where smiles blossom.

Note: As always to thanks to Sanaa at Prompt Nights for the inspiration “We tend to smile in the exact same language”.

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