The WoMan with a Book

    The village calls her WoMan; mother of crows. All day she sleeps. Rumours about dreams in daylight circulate.
    When evening falls, crows in large numbers come to roost, in her kitchen. Perturbed attest; theirs is a favoured colour. Beaks point to her book of wisdom, and in chorus they beg, “Marauders need a primer.” Her laughter unrestrained travels beyond valleys. Rivers pause, mountains tremble for they know her laughter is loaded. The village listens. She soothes her children, “It’s about time for a primer.”
    All night awake. She weaves a shawl. A mother is about to bury a son.
    In the morn, village congregates. News about the primer; a heavy subject to broach. A fly buzzes past and perches on the wall. Congregation muffled; accusatory exchange for WoMan can transform into many different forms.
    All day she sleeps. Protest of men digging graves hypnotise her. Wind wailing, mothers clutching scars where an umbilical chord was once attached, fail to revive.
    Crows are late. Moon already shines. WoMan adorned; beads to elicit a response. She stands before the sizzling fire. Iconic three-legged pot brews ingredients. In unison villagers sing and clap, drums intense to wake up the dead. In a trance she endures, heels digging the ground, and she spits alphabets to douse hazy red dust.

With this ink persist―
Words might be last to inhale
Before a dying man sighs


Note: When I heard of Witches in Fiction 2016 hosted by Magaly, I thought it a splendid idea and an opportunity to stretch my imagination. And boy, what a stretch! Hope the reader can connect and take something from it. If you’re in need of some healing, do drop by Magaly’s blog for a dose. 🙂

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Light Shining From Within…

…reveals the world in a new light.

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

It is that time of the year, autumn, when I’m tempted to curse the dark. I’ve written previously about how dark autumn feels like in this part of the world. For a long time I carried a grudge against the season, for the uncharitable welcome, until I made reading a priority. I’m talking here about books that inform, entertain and inspire as I take full advantage of the dark.

So, with days growing darker as the season progresses, words and more words help illuminate light from within. And that’s a cause for celebration! What books keep you company, when you need one?

Note: The post is in response to Sanaa at Prompt Nights, “Darkness exists so that we may see the Light shine”, and Josh Fisher’s 3-Day Quote Challenge, thanks Josh for inviting me to participate.

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Where Words Come From

a presence of something rooted in whispers of truth
permitted by stillness found in a droning sound of a bee

a freedom to inhabit spaces, where even a skylark
knows best not to giggle as solitude embraces loneliness

an acceptance of aloneness that decorates sunsets
with a tinge of gold as evening air richly fills the lungs

a sacred place, where words come from
– silence

Note: Poem linked to Sanaa’s Prompt Nights, “Descent into the abyss of Solitude”.

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October in Stilettos

You find me
under the spell of spring
blooming jacarandas excite the sunbird

In a trance;
a pose in stilettos ready for a dance
you find me

Where colour
of sky stays blue and grapes mellow
all year round

A promise
of summer evenings; air heavy with jasmine
you find me

Process Note: October is my birth month, which means I celebrate it in both autumn and spring depending on where the day finds me. Though autumn crunchy and cozy with candle lights, and sizzling romance in the North, I chose to relive memories of a romance in spring.

If you are a lover of Autumn (or even if, like me you have a love-hate relationship with autumn) please visit Prompt Nights, “Crunching, Crinkling Autumn swirling in the Breeze” images and words by poets praising the season, will tantalise and pleasure all your senses.

A side note: In celebration of my birthday, I’m treating myself to a number of books by authors I’ve been meaning to read for some time: a collection of South African short stories, a fantasy novel, and of course, always poetry. And now the question is, what other ways do you use to support or help promote a friend/fellow writer’s book, besides a review? I ask this because we tend to be biased when reviewing a book by a writer we know.

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Embracing Shadows

“…in the midst of darkness, light persists.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

darkness and light

Shadows come as close as we allow them to. And they might even dance to the rhythm of our thoughts, given a chance.

Pain, grief and loss are inevitable. Finding strength to deal with the sea of emotions, and to combat madness, is an ongoing exercise. But, there is always light as much as there is darkness.

Note: A thought inspired by Sanaa Rizvi at Prompt Nights, “When shades of loss weave with pattern of madness.

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