Word Churner

One kind word can warm three winter months.
~ A Japanese proverb

Talking machine churns
And skips to the previous groove;
Rhetoric is broken

Churns the machine
Producing discord instead of sound;
A source of confusion

Word churner stirs
Audiences no longer interested
Put a lid on

For everyone has a word
But ’tis layer of kindness that makes
A whole lot of difference.

In Conversation

People often say I don’t talk about myself much. I agree, I’m rather a private person yet if one reads my poems will sure find a bit of me in them.

Anyway, I recently sat down for a chat with Sherry Blue Sky at Poets United. If you’d like to pop by and join the conversation, welcome!

Reminiscing about the African sun.

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Skywatcher trembles
the winter night dark and brutal;
yes, first love is hard.
What lunatic waits to be jilted by
a girl he never laid eyes on?